I’m Jon Wilcox, a graphic designer, illustrator and art director. I’ve been doing creative work for over a decade as a freelancer and full-time in agencies.

My first love is drawing. I went to Columbia College Chicago for illustration. While I enjoy getting my hands dirty with traditional techniques, much of the work I create today is digital. My work leans toward cartooning, and I like to draw people, animals, plants, and objects.

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I also enjoy the more structured process of design, whether it be for print, branding, or interactive media. I love to sink into the meditative process of creating a logo, or to think through how visitors will navigate a website design. My design style usually veers toward the clean and minimal, but I like to bring in hand-crafted elements and a sense of texture when it makes sense.

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I grew up in Metro Detroit and currently live just outside of Washington, DC with my wife, our son, and our cat.